Do you know about ‘TIME’

Do you know about ‘TIME

whatever the time in life, It is important to be with your loved ones if there is happiness then it increases, or if there is sadness it decreases. I do not know when the time passes with loved ones but imagine if you are stopped in a place where you do not have any relatives or any friends then what will happen? It will take a moment longer until you make someone yours. Now the question arises as to who is yours; relatives with whom you are associated with blood or friends with whom you are associated with childhood? No one who comes in need is yours. 

Summary—-Remember, time is not known with loved ones but with time, people are known.

So if the arrow of time is based on our consciousness and our ability to perceive it, then do people like you who understand it more fully experience time differently than the rest of us?


Not really. The way it works is that the perception comes first and then the understanding comes later. So the understanding doesn’t change the perception, it just helps you put that perception into a wider context.