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Rainy day is a happy day

Monsoon is not just a season is a whole emotion. Rainy season or monsoon is the most awaited season in the whole year as it’s the season of love, happiness, relaxing and what not.

Monsoon is just arriving at our doors and we already are so excited and have so many plans. Some will have a  hot chai with pakoras while others have plan to go on a drive with their loved ones. Some will relax in their balconies watching rain and on the other hand some will love to go for a walk. Everyone’s plan must be different but their motive is same and that is to enjoy the monsoon to the fullest.

Monsoon  is the season that brings energy and make us feel like a kid again, just like them we became carefree. The smell of the soil after a rain drop falls on it and when a cold breeze touches our skin makes us feel happy regardless of all our worries. We just keep aside all our problems and just have fun.

Rains not only make human beings happy but it make the nature and animals happy too.

As we know excess of anything is not good, so it goes with rain too. Although after monsoon arrive we got relieve from excessive heat of the summers but if monsoon stays longer than needed it will drain all the hard work of farmers as the crops get destroyed and can lead to floods in areas near any waterbody. We should also take care of ourselves more in rainy seasons because rain brings many diseases along with it.

Monsoon is a great time to travel and it can be said the best season to plan our vacations. We have a lot of adventure options in monsoons like we can go for a monsoon trek or a natural rain dance maybe or we can enjoy waterfalls which might be dried in the summer season and the best thing we can do is relax while watching rain.

So with a great season comes a lot of responsibilities of maintaining hygiene, take care of proper drainage, healthy eating, not getting any kind of disease and everything needs to taken care more than ever.


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