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Plastic Plastic Everywhere!

Plastic in recent times have became a huge part of our life from waking up to again going to bed we are totally dependent on plastic as from our toothbrush to our lunchbox or from pens to computers everything have plastic in some or other way. It is so useful indeed but it has its drawbacks too of which we are totally aware of and not just drawbacks but life risking drawbacks.

Plastic is nearly impossible to replace as it is cheap, lightweight, durable and versatile and all these properties cannot been seen in any other material all together. Its biggest use is in medical industries as to protect infection from syringes, masks, gloves and biometric researches. Its is also used in housing materials like pipes or in food packaging or personal toiletries and many more.

Plastic cannot be banned for use but it can be reduced till an extent:

  • We can carry our own reusable shopping bags
  • Avoid drinking bottled water instead carry a metal bottle
  • Pack your lunch in metal or glass containers
  • Don’t use plastic cutlery
  • Replace plastic toothbrush with wooden one.

Plastic waste management is not a rocket science its simple if we follow 3R model that is:

  • Reduce; we cannot stop using plastic but we can reduce its usage in our daily life.
  • Reuse; we can reuse the plastic bags, cutlery, straws in a better way instead to dispose it every time and this will increase its lifespan.
  • Recycle; recycling is the best way to manage plastic waste.

We already are on a right track to mange plastic ways properly but we need to be more careful as the usage is increasing on a higher speed and management is lacking behind. We should not wait for government to take a major step rather we should take small steps on our own to reduce plastic so in near future we don’t have to suffer for our mistake.


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