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Music is an emotion or a language itself. No matter from where we belongs to, we can understand music. It is something which touches our soul. We can think of a song which triggers us emotionally whenever we hear it. We all have a special song of our own which is connected to us a way we can never forget.

According to a research there are 1300 genres of music in the world. As language changes with a passing mile music too changes. India which is a diverse country with many dialects and languages it has a variety of music also. Not only variety but India is know for that music can be traced in Indian history as well. “OM” the sound made by lord Brahma is word from which music and all other sound emerges. Narada is believed to the first instrumentalist who played his ektara (one string instrument).

Benefits of music:

  • Reduces anxiety:

Music helps in reducing anxiety and relieves in pain as while listening to music we relax and feel free from everything happening around us.

  • Makes memories:

Certain songs have a ability to make us remind some event or a time which we rather forget without music.

  • Music uplifts mood:

No matter how we feel, but after listening to music we automatically feel good and energetic.

  • It increases workout intensity:

While doing exercise or workout and listening to music our intensity to do it increases and our physical performance is boosted.

  • Leads to better learning:

Learning capacity is increased while listening to music as it makes our mind concentrate more.

Music has numerous benefits but its most important benefit is that it unites people from all over the world, it has its own language which each and everyone can understand.

  • National anthem connects crowd at sports events.
  • Hymns can connect people at religious places.
  • Lullabies helps parents to connect with children especially infants.
  • Love songs makes bond of couples more strong.


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