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3 Must Haves For All Day Screen Users

3 must-haves for all time screen users

Whether you are a student, a freelancer or an office worker, COVID-19 has pushed the entire world into relying on laptops and computers, even more so than before. This can lead to eye fatigue, migraines and fatigues in general. There are many things available nowadays that can help alleviate these symptoms. But they are more often than not, highly expensive. Listed below are 3 must haves for all day screen users that are pretty basic and inexpensive and will help you be more productive.

Blue-Light Filter Glasses

This is a must-have. Though, there are still debates on their efficiency, but reports and survey does suggest that a large number of people (including me) have been able to work longer hours without as much eye-strain as before. It will be inaccurate to say that it removes eye strain, but it does help you reduce fatigue due to constant exposure to blue light. And it is easily available in nearly all eye-care stores and is not too expensive either.

A Bottle of Water

In the list of must-haves, most people will easily forget a bottle of water over other exorbitant goods like arm-rests pads or memo boards. However, what people do not realize is that one of the reasons why most people get migraines after spending time on the screen is due to dehydration. It is imperative to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. But spending hours on the laptop doing work makes us either forget to drink water or too lazy to get a glass on our own. This is a big no! Water will not only keep you hydrated but also keep you refreshed and give you a much needed break from the screen, even if it is for a few seconds.

An Alarm Clock

It is preferable to keep an alarm clock (could be your phone) near you and set it after every hour or so. This will remind you to take your eyes off the screen and drink some water or stare into space or perhaps, even close your eyes for a few seconds. You could use a phone but then, you would just be shifting your attention from a larger screen to a smaller one, which would pretty much lose the effect. Though an alarm clock might not always be necessary, it would be a good way to let you know to take a break.

These are of course just the most basic and inexpensive things that can be highly beneficial to us. Like I mentioned, we can invest in other more luxurious items according to our need but these 3 must-haves for all day screen users can pretty much do the trick and help alleviate at least some of the strain.



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