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A day without mobile phone!


It is impossible to go without mobile phone for a day in this era where our lives are so much dependent on these devices. We cant think of an hour than how will we spent the one whole day. It is not that difficult rather it should happen frequently. Because these were created to save our time but instead they are binding us to use them more and waste our time.

If we  ditch our mobiles for a day and have a break we will be the happiest as we will spend more time with our loved ones and take out some time for ourselves and we will be less worried.

Not to use mobile for a day will be so relaxing. No distractions of the messages and notifications every 5 minutes, no calls nothing. Some peoples might not be comfortable doing this while others might enjoy. This is because mobiles are the most important thing in our life and we cant imagine a life without it.

  • Our day will be more productive:

Mobiles are a great distractions and when we go a day without mobile we will be more productive as no hinderance will be there due to mobile phones.

  • We will spend more time with family:

When mobiles will not be there we will be forced to interact with family or people around us. We interact with people far away and not with the one sitting next to us. We are more concern about how many likes we got and not about family time. Instead of clicking picture of food we should enjoy the company of the one we are having it with.

  • Less tension:

It is proven less screen time means less tension. Mobiles creates stress in many ways but the solution for all these stresses is to keep our mobile away and just chill with our family and friends.

For many people it will be hard to adjust without mobile phones. it has made us lazy as earlier we used to remember numbers, birthdays and small details but now our mobile remembers all these things. We have lost our remembering power.

We all should try to avoid our mobiles to spend precious time with our loved ones and with ourselves too.


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