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A word from us to you

A Word from US to You

A Word from Us to You-

It’s funny how ‘word’ contains only four alphabets but somehow it still represents every group of alphabet. The same way you can just say a word to someone but still it can convey more than just a message.

It’s weird but it’s true and you know it.

Your choice of word tells a lot about what kind of a person you actually are. I am not talking about vocabulary or grammar here. I am just referring to the sentiments behind your words. Make sure that you deliver the word as well as the sentiments behind it’s usage. It’s because someone’s trash can be somebody else’s treasure and vice versa. Your word might just be a slang for you but it can hurt somebody as if it’s a weapon.

You can have the most beautiful and meaningful thing to say but just say it in the wrong words and it’s all gone. The same way, you can have the most cruel thing to say to someone but empathize them with the right words and it will turn things to be bearable. Words factor into the decision people will make about you and it’s your duty to make sure that their decision is right and exact about you.

We might find many fine scholars and tutors who can teach us any language of our choice but they cannot teach us the exact tone and way of speaking every word or sentence as it should be spoken. One can only learn and practice it after understanding the fact that Little things Matter.

Watch 13 reasons why and you will realize just how important every little thing you say to someone really is. It has to get better. They way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow. So why not begin the change for betterment by improving the way we keep our opinions and express things out.  

Don’t forget to exercise your power of words!                                                              


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