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Air And Water – Survivors For Life

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(Do we really value them)

Air and Water – The Survivors for life. What is our life do we consider a precious thing? Either Gold, Silver, Clothes, Luxury and so on. Among all these do we have air and water on our list. Not. Air and Water are the two sides of the same coin which is indispensable to all the living creatures out there. Since we get that in abundance do we value that?

In most of our lives, this is a question mark. It’s difficult to envision a planet without air and water, but we may quickly find ourselves in this condition. In most of our lives, this is a question mark.

It’s difficult to envision a planet without air and water, but we may quickly find ourselves in this condition. We don’t understand how nature has supplied us with these necessities and we neglect them, causing damage to the environment. It’s time to use the Air and Water – Survivors for life productively.


(What is really happening)

The exploitation of air and water may harm all of us. This may not affect us directly but indirectly it may cause huge damage to us.  Air pollution can seriously compromise people’s health and makes those who are most susceptible – which is usually related to age, physical condition, or socio-economic factors – more vulnerable.

Water Pollution

Air pollution is not just a problem in big cities. Some of the worst air pollution in the province is in smaller centres. Here we will go through some examples of sources of air pollution that impact health outcomes include:

emissions from vehicles

contaminants from industrial activity

dust from construction activities

wood smoke from fireplaces, wood stoves and wildfires

indoor air pollutants

Safe drinking water is vital for human health but is often taken for granted. Water quality testing is crucial to preventing the spread of water-borne disease and protecting people from chemical or other contamination. Water contamination can lead to major health issues, such as:

gastrointestinal illness

reproductive problems

neurological disorders


Infants, small children, pregnant mothers, the aged, and individuals with weakened immune systems as a result of AIDS, chemotherapy, or transplant drugs may be more vulnerable to disease from certain toxins.


(Necessary measures to be taken)

Most of us have thought that having clean air and water – Survivors for life is essential, but in practice, many things are impossible to implement. This is because we are all compelled to fulfil our obligations, and we inevitably fail to protect ourselves and our environment.

To avoid all that and to make a small contribution from our side in moving towards an environment of clean air and water, here are some questions that we have in our mind and might not be aware of the solution for it so here are some of them listed:

1.Do we have to minimize the usage of water while washing clothes?

Of course yes but in most of our houses, it’s not possible so we can do it like this. The amount of water generated after washing the clothes can be used in cleaning toilets. Through this, we can avoid a separate usage of water for cleaning the toilets.

2.Is it advisory to burn all the wastes?

No. Instead of burning them we can make a compost pit. Through this, the wastes vanish and the fertility of soil improves.

3.Usage of Plastics doesn’t have any effect on air and water so can it be used more on our daily basis?

Not. Plastics contribute huge damage to the environment, especially to water.

The containers and bottles we carry are dumped into the sea and rivers, where they are eaten by all water creatures, killing them. Instead of plastic bags, paper bags or jute bags can be used.

4.How to reduce the emissions and dust generated by vehicles and industries?

Industrial wastes are inevitable because dust and smoke are common, but car use can be minimised by replacing them with bicycles, but not everyone can afford to do so. However, the only thing we can do is to minimize its usage.

For example: Travelling to Nearby locations can be done by walk or cycling. Through this, we can reduce the emissions caused to some extent.

5.What could be the alternative solution to replace all these?

It’s simple and easy. Just planting trees and encouraging others to do so. Through this, we can improve soil fertility, ventilating, clean air, encouraging rain and many more. Planting trees is the best solution to step into an environment of clean air and water.


(What is our responsibility)

In conclusion, creating a sustainable environment is our duty and all is in our hands. Every individual should take up the responsibility of moving towards a clean and green environment. Due to our irresponsibility, we are not able to battle against covid till now and if we follow the same the impact that we would be facing will be huge.

So the future is ours and let’s come out of the shell and prepare ourselves to move towards a new environment. Industrial wastes are quite unavoidable as dust and smoke are prone to occur but the usage of vehicles can be reduced by replacing them with cycles but everyone can’t afford to do this.

Written byAnanie Borgia


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