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Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Amazing Facts About Human Body

What’s our body made of?

Most of our human body is made up of water, or H2O, which is a combination of oxygen and water. Also, as much as 99% of our body is made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous. Additionally, there are small amounts of other elements too.

Our body ranges from the largest human organs to the longest bones in our body. There are many facts which most of us don’t know. Herein, let’s see some of the amazing facts about the human body which most of us are not aware of.


Human Skeleton

Human Skeleton

The Skeleton is the body’s framework. Our human skeleton consists of 206 bones. The bones of the skeleton support the body, protect the internal organs such as the heart and lungs, and allow us to move. The human skeleton makes up about one-fifth of a person’s entire weight. And, an average adult weighing 70kg will have a skeleton that weighs 14kg.

Our Amazing Body



Our skin weighs up to 4kg and covers up to 1.3-1.7 sq m. Getting dressed and undressed, rubbing body parts together and even breathing cause microscopic flakes of skin to fall off at the rate of 50,000 flakes a minute. As a result, in a lifetime we will shed 18kg of skin.



Our fingernails grow 0.05cm a week, four times faster than our toenails.



An adult man’s body contains 5l of blood. Women contain 4.3l. The blood travels along 100,000km of blood vessels. It contains more than 25 crores of red blood cells. Since the life span of RBC is 120 days, 2 crores of red cells are made every second.


We lose around 1 lakh brain cells every day but luckily we have 100 billion altogether. So, if the surface area of our brain could be ironed out it will measure 2,090sq cm.



An average person inhales 6l of air per minute. We take around 13-17 breathes a minute when sitting still and up to 80 during vigorous disease.



There are 50 trillion cells in our body and 3 billion of them die every minute. This makes us hard to imagine how many cells we lose per day. But, most of them are replaced. We take 10 billion new white blood cells each day. Also, we have a total of more than a million white cells, which helps us fight germs and infections.



This part is quite interesting and also shocking for us. There is enough carbon in our body to fill 900 pencils. Also enough fat to make 75 candles, enough phosphorous to make 220 match heads and enough iron to make a 7.5cm nail. So, we can see that our human body is also capable of producing chemicals.


Our stomach produces up to 2l of hydrochloric acid a day. It does not damage the stomach walls because 500,000 cells in our stomach lining are replaced every minute. Our digestive system comprises the small and large intestine. The small intestine is about 5m long. In contrast, the large intestine is 1.5m long but thicker.


We all know that heartbeat is important for our survival. Our heart pumps 13,640L of blood around our body in a day. An average human heartbeat rate of 70 beats a minute adds up to more than 100,000 beats a day. Through this, we can get that the heartbeat rate is more than our other regular works.


Most of us have a fascination with our hair and we are not aware of its growth. On average, our hair grows about 0.5mm in a day. So, our hair grows minimum every day.



We lose about 0.5L of water a day through 30L sweat glands. Moreover, in hot climates, we may lose as much as 13.5L a day. So, we lose more sweats during the summer season.



We will pass around 400 to 2000ml of urine every day, depending on our age, size, outside conditions, especially temperature. So, it all depends on us.


Our face consists of eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Herein are some interesting things about them. We blink about 20000 times a day. Our mouth produces 37,800L of saliva in our life.


These are some of the amazing facts about the human body that we are not aware of. We might be quite surprised to know that in a single body numerous actions take place. Apart from this, there are numerous facts about our human body and we have many more things to know. Our human body is capable more than we think.

Through this, we can also understand that our body is capable of many things. We need to know the responsibility as to how we should take care of it. Furthermore, we should also be conscious of our health and know the ill effects if proper care is not given. So, we must also take care of it and still be proud of the power of our bodies to do much.

Written by: Ananie Borgia



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