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The initial days were awful for her. Sitting in a class of seventy students who despised her, her identity was shattering. Her mind contemplated how these labels of gender, age, and ethnicity had evolved over all these years, an analytical framework that distinguishes social, operational, and knowledge‐related identity congruence has emerged. 

The Secret Love

The geography oration soon transported her mind to her homeland, Kabul. She found herself in the beautiful mountainous terrain with warm air gushing through her face. She could spot her house at the end of the lane where she had grown up and come out as gay in the early years of the 21st century, which offered no such affordances. The lone desktop computer of her teenage home, with its slow dial-up internet connection, was scarcely a viable resource for seeking out mediated points of sexual identification. Developments in digital technologies have profoundly expanded both opportunities for accessing the self-representations of other LGB people and offering new possibilities for making oneself visible as a young bisexual, gay or lesbian subject.

With constant rejections and often a subject of her family’s fury, Amelia kept getting tougher with time and rebelliously changed her Twitter bio to “A Proud Muslim Lesbian.” 
She soon moved to New York, the city of dreams, to pursue her career as a portrait photographer. Her strong persona and will to fight against the system gained her recognition in the town, especially amongst the LGBTQ+ community. She began organizing rallies, TED talks of community members, and podcasts.

I met Amelia at an art exhibition. She had displayed her art, portraits of strong women, each one holding a paper cut out engraved with the tag they are frequently assumed to be. Her passion was unmatchable. We immediately bonded over the love for Amish’s writing. 

When asked about how her journey of life has been, she was quick to reply, “As a homosexual female, I constantly receive judgemental looks, ignorance, narrowing of eyes, and finally silence. Initially, I was terrified of strangers and friends of them determining my sexual orientation. However, I had to learn to be confident in my skin, to remain more robust than the people discriminating against me are. I have placed myself in an unfamiliar environment, and as a result, learned some of my most important life lessons.”
The viral Hindu-Muslim Lesbian pair tied the knot in 2019
No boundaries!

Her eyes were moist yet vigorous. The banner behind her glimmered, the subject of her exhibition, “AMONG US!


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