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Baking is not fully a science or an art. Rather it is science with a touch of magic. Baking is so satisfying and stress relieving.it does not only means to follow a recipe, and mixing everything instead it means follow a recipe and give it a personal touch. It is the best way to impress others with our creativity as baking requires a lot of creative thinking. 

The one thing i love about baking is the whole process of measuring, stirring, sieving, and the best is the smell which is so soothing. For the ones who love baking, it is a stress buster and mood uplifter, they can never be tired of baking.

And for the ones like me who just started baking is a great way to enhance my creative thinking and learning something new.

Baking not only means baking a cake but it includes baking cookies, pizza, tarts, pies, lasagna, bread, and whatnot.  

Reasons we love to bake:

It is a meditation:

Baking needs full concentration and if it’s not there the result will not be as desired one. And meditation is also like this only. measuring , folding, beating all requires attention and that is why baking can be considered as meditating.

Baking make our senses strong:

Feeling the texture of flour or smelling the freshly baked cookies or the sound of blender all these things are making our senses strong and all these are a part of baking.

Enhances creativity:

Baking a cake is not the end but decorating it is. When we decorate our cake we need to think of a design and then need to be applied on our  product. The more creative you think, the more attractive your cake looks.


It teaches us coordination. In baking our mind and hands should coordinate to make the result perfect.

It is a great gift.

Anything handmade is a wonderful gift. And what’s best than a hamper of freshly baked cookies and a lovely cake.


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