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Childhood Diaries


Childhood was quite awesome with cartoons, outdoor activities, friends, outings and many more. Favorite activity was watching cartoons instead Netflix, outdoor games took over by PUBG or PSP’s. But the life of that time can’t be compared with this time. The life of enjoying watching TELEVISION and watching cartoons all the time was much fun. Many cartoons are still on a loop to watch and they are still watched till now. Some cartoons are described as:


Oswald who was blue color octopus having a friend and staying with squirrel named as Winnie. Oswald acted as helping friend who helped his friends, one was Daisy who was sunflower and one Henry who was penguin. This was amazing cartoon.


The most watched cartoon that made everyone laugh with uttering a word. That man was such an amazing guy that made everyone laugh with his teddy toy. That episode came in both ways, one as live acting of him and other as in animated.


Doraemon was robot who was best friend of Nobita. Whenever Nobita was in trouble doraemon used his gadgets and helped. Some famous gadgets were Bamboo helicopter, Time Machine, Anywhere door, Small light and etc. They main 5 characters are Nobita, Doraemon, Gian , Shizuka, and Sunio.

Shinchan –

Shinchan the naughtiest child who also made naughty her sister and also the viewers. She had a small sister whom with the show was made most funny. He was the naughtiest child. This show also had large viewers.

The childhood went amazing by watching them.


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