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College days, the best days!


Collage days are the best and most memorable days is ones life. Collage is a whole new experience. As in school we learn everything under a protected environment but once we are in collage we are exposed to the reality of life, where we have to make our own decisions. Collage life is different for everyone, where some spent it partying and enjoying while, some are focus on their careers. But however we spent it, we will always remember these days.

Talking about my experience, I recently finished my collage but it feels like I just took admission yesterday only. I went to a girls collage after studying in co educational school so it was a totally different experience for me. On the very first day that was on orientation, when I saw hundreds of girls around me I felt like this is the worst decision of my life. But gradually when I got used to it, it hardly matters. Initially I was scared because everyone was new to me but when I saw a girl sitting in the front row was familiar(a girl from my own school) then I got relieved, as it felt like home to now. Then eventually I got more friends and enjoyed my collage life to the fullest.

The best thing about collage is we experience something new every day. We get to know the reality of the real world, as here no one will guide us or spoon feed us anything. Here we are the only ones who have to make decisions for ourselves.

Collage fests are the best. In this annual fest there was a bazar made in the campus itself along with different activities to participate in. And I was lucky as I can enjoy two fests a year because of the department I was in, hosts a separate fest too.  

Collage is not only about studying and making a good career but it is something we will remember in the future so we should make it a memorable one. We should balance our study and enjoyment in collage.

I enjoyed my collage days to the fullest where I studied but at the same time I bunked my collage and enjoyed life as well. As these days will never come back. I made friends who will always have my back till the end.

I will always remember when we used to bunk the classes and sit in the canteens(we have three), or one of us calls and says come to express we are chilling there was he best line to here.

In short collage is the best thing ever happened to me and many of us, and those are in collage at present, enjoy these days because they will never come back and later you will definitely regret it.


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