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Colours of INDIA


India , an Asian country famous for its heritage side and unique culture. India a country with 29 States and these States represent unity and different cultures. The National Flag of India is called as Tiranga and it is of 3 colours Saffron, white and green and white colour consists of blue colour ball called as Ashok Chakra.

Capital of India is Delhi. In Delhi all the constitutional buildings are situated and many monuments are also there. To come on National Language, it is Hindi but amazing thing is that every state speaks and have their on language like in Rajasthan people speak Rajasthani, in Punjab people speaks Punjabi, in Gujarat people speaks Gujarati, in Maharashtra people speaks Marathi and so on. Different religions have their own festivals and culture still United and living together. To talk about national bird it is Peacock and national animal is tiger. Many bird and wildlife sanctuaries are also situated according to animals habitat. The National song is Jana Gana Mana which is wrote by Rabindranath Tagore. Different culture also have different clothing and different food.

According to area they are divided according. India is comprised of different heritage sites. Historical sites give India rich look. Mountains , Rivers, land, Water greenery, Forest all gives a living life to humans. India is shaped in peninsula as south region is surrounded by 3 sea that is Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Different festivals and different season’s and everyone appreciating others religion and living in unity is India. People may be divided into different States but all living in unity, people may be divided in different religions but all celebrating each other religions and festivals.

That is INDIA.


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