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Commemorating Love For Siblings on Siblings Day

Commemorating Love For Siblings on Siblings Day

As we turn back the pages of our life, for most us who been blessed with siblings, it has been a journey of fights and scratches, sharing secrets and spilling secrets to our parents, partnering in crimes but most importantly, lots and lots of laughter and happy memories. And though there might still be physical scars left on our bodies due to our fights, the happy and nostalgic feelings that invades our heart, when we fondly remember our siblings makes up for it. In India, it is a lesser known tradition to celebrate the love of siblings. But in the USA or Europe, a special day to commemorate love for siblings called Siblings Day is becoming widely popular.

Known as Siblings Day in the USA and some other parts of the world, it is celebrated on April 10. In Europe, a similar variant of the day, know as Brothers and Sisters Day is celebrated on May 31. A day just like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, we celebrate the bond between siblings. Giving gifts or cards and enjoying the day together with, perhaps, a visit to some fun or memorable place and a nice dinner or lunch is traditionally, the norms of the day.

How did this Day come to be

This day was first started in 1995 and the person who brainstormed this idea is Claudia Evart of the USA. She developed this idea when she was left bereaving the death of her siblings, brother Alan and sister Lisette at an early age. This incident left behind the desire in her to encourage everyone to appreciate their siblings and cherish the bond that they share.

Claudia Evart

In Europe, on the other hand, European Large Families Consideration (ELFAC) came up with the idea of launching a holiday on May 31st to celebrate the familial love between siblings. This day is accepted by most of the EU nations though they have their own variant of the celebration.

Why Siblings Day

While we do love our siblings, we rarely showcase this to them. We are busy with the hustle and bustle in life and rarely appreciate the good things in life. So, this day will remind to spare at least some time for our siblings at least one day in a year.

Loving and respecting is siblings is important. For the older siblings, the younger ones might seem annoying at the beginning but it is these memories that we will carry forward in life. Even when we are all old and withered, having a sibling means enjoying a nice cup of tea and reminiscing the vibrant days of our life together. Because very few people will understand you and even bother to do so, other than your siblings. They are your first bosom friends who know you on a very intrinsic level.

Your duties to your siblings should not be limited just to Siblings Day where we share gifts and niceties. It is imperative that you be there for them when they need you and be willing to accept them, no matter what their choices and preferences be. Because you will be the first one they will look up to and lookout for.

So here’s to commemorating love for siblings on Siblings Day


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