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Dance- The hidden language of the soul


Dancers don’t need wings to fly…

I think each dancer can relate to these lines, in fact, dance is the finest source of enthusiasm, contentment and vitality for everyone.

International dance day

International Dance Day was founded by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute in 1982, and has been celebrated every year in Paris on April 29th, 
marking the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre.

The essence of dance in Indian culture

In India, the legacy of dance dates back to 5000 years.
The Hindu mythology speaks volumes of Lord Shiva as Natraja – the Lord of the Dance. The Divine Raslila by Lord Krishna, Radha Rani and the Gopis in Vrindavan or Lord Ganesha’s dance to express joy.

For many centuries diverse classical dance styles and folk dances have developed in India.
Almost all Indian dance styles whether it’s bhangra, Garba, lavni, ghoomar,chapeli or any other each have a contrasting flavour.

Even many of our classical styles like Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali are the plinth of many Western dance styles.

Above all, India is well known for its No Style Dance, a dance which we perform in Ganpati Visarajan, Indian Barat and for marking the victory of the Indian cricket team.

Health and Dance

Dance is a healthy physical activity, with many far-reaching physical, and psychological benefits. Some of them are-
• Dance Improves cardiovascular health
• Boosts cognitive performance
• Improves balance and strength
• Improve Flexibility and many more.

So keep dancing to cherish the precious moments of life and to keep yourself zestful.


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