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Delving into Crimes and Criminals : Criminology

Delving into crime and criminology: Criminology

Criminology is a branch of sociology, which traditionally examines human behavior, organization, and interaction. It includes the study of crime, through the perspective of various disciplines like biology, anthropology, psychology and philosophy. This article is a brief introduction to Criminology major and its scope in India.

What does Criminology encompass?

The most important aspects of a major in Criminology includes:

  • Investigation of crimes
  • Apprehension of criminals
  • Prosecution of criminals in a judicial proceeding
  • Enforcement of laws and regulations
  • Police administration
  • Study of Criminal Laws
Branches of Criminology

Some of the branches of Criminology include-

  • Criminalistics : Study of detection of crime
  • Bio-criminology : Study of biological basis of criminal behavior
  • Feminist criminology : Study of crime against and crime done by women
  • Penology : Study of prisons and their systems
  • Victimology : Study of rehabilitation of victims
  • Criminal Psychology : Study of everything related to criminals, their psychological, behavioral and other aspects
Careers in Criminology

Some of the careers involved in Criminology are-

  • Crime intelligence analyst
  • Crime laboratory analyst
  • Crime investigators
  • Forensic Surgeon
  • Private Detective
  • Police officers
  • Corrections officer
  • Loss prevention specialist
  • Psychological investigator
  • Lecturer

They may also explore possibilities with organizations like-

  • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),
  • Research & Analysis Wing (RAW),
  • National Human Rights Commission (NHRC),
  • National Commission for Women (NCW),
  • National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR),
  • Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D).

The average starting salary of a Criminologist is around Rs 3.5 lakhs. However, as your skills and experiences grow, so does pay scale.


Criminologists are generally employed in both government and private sectors. They may take part in government agencies as part of regulations and policy making. They also have a good scope in the law enforcement departments. They mostly start as Assistant Criminologists where they undergo intensive training and on-field experience.Then, they can go on to Criminologists and then, Chief Criminologists.

Schools in India to study Criminology

Some institutes to study Criminology in India are-

  • University of Pune
  • Osmania University
  • Pondicherry University (Pondicherry)
  • University of Mysore (Karnataka)
  • University of Madras (Tamil Nadu)
  • Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Tamil Nadu)
Schools Abroad to study Criminology

Some institutes to study Criminology abroad are-

  • University of Cambridge (England)
  • University of Pennsylvania (US)
  • University of Florida(US)
  • Griffith University(Australia)
  • University of Sydney(Australia)

This is a basic guide if you are interested in this fast-paced and highly demanding career.


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