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Marketing as we all know an essential requirement to grow business or sales. Marketing is of two types :


Marketing has taken different forms and have evolved into a good result. Now a days Traditional Marketing has been overcome by DIGITAL MARKTING.

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing using media , It is basically done using internet. Digital Marketing or E – Marketing is an easily was to boost up the sales.

Now everyone moving from traditional to digital and making their business high.

Earlier the sales were business to business, customer to business, or customer to customer but after digitizing the marketing one can easily market the products in an easy way.

Digital Marketing have played an essential role in buying and selling the services in an easy way. Earlier one has to go out for buying accessories but now one can easily go through internet and surf the requirements.

Opening thousands of variety to buyer and making every step easy had really helped people moving from traditional mode to digital mode.

Types of Digital Marketing-

·        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Content Marketing

·        Pay-per-Click (PPC)

·        Email Marketing

·        Mobile Marketing

·        Marketing Analytics



The 5 D’ s of Digital Marketing are :


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