Home Crime Reason for divorce ‘failing virginity test’, in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur

Reason for divorce ‘failing virginity test’, in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur


Reason For Divorce ‘falling virginity test’ In Maharashtra’s Kolhapur: The woman and her sister got married to a pair of brothers in November last year.
Based on their complaint, the police have booked the two sister’s husbands, mother-in-law, and some members of the caste panchayat.
Kolhapur: In a shocking incident reported from Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, two sisters, married in November last year, are presently facing divorce orders after one of them failed to clear the ‘virginity test’, a report stated on Saturday.
Two sisters tied the knot with a pair of brothers in Kolhapur on November 27, 2020. Both families belonged to the Kanjarbhat community. The sisters, after the wedding, were subjected to the community’s controversial tradition of checking whether their hymen was intact. They had intercourse with their respective husbands on a plain white cloth in separate rooms.
Bloodstains on the white cloth are considered to be proof of the bride’s virginity. When one of them had gone through the controversial test of virginity, the other was accused of being involved with other men as she didn’t bleed during intercourse.
After this, the husbands and in-laws demanded Rs 10 lakh from the sister duo and threatened to cut ties with them. The sisters were also physically assaulted and later sent back to their parents’ home. Subsequently, the mother of the sister duo contacted ‘jaat panchayat’ members, who then demanded Rs 40,000 to resolve the matter. After the money was paid to the members of the caste panchayat, a meeting was held at a temple in February of this year.


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