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India is a culturally diverse country where we can find a variety of costumes and attires. Different traditions have different costumes or different way of dressing. Indian fashion has its influence from different colonies which ruled India.

Fashion is way to portray ones personal style. It doesn’t mean only wearing something trendy but is it how you carry or present yourself. We can connect with a period just by looking at there fashion trends. It can change from one second to the other but what does not changes is the impact it leaves on the society.

 Indian fashion has the most impact on the entire world. In recent times too the old Indian fashion is coming back. As the pajams wore by old men in villages is the new plazzos. The traditional saree is the trendy red carpet look. Many traditional costumes

Latest trends :

Attached or pre-draped dupatta;

carrying dupatta is elegant but annoying so the designers have come up with a solution of attached dupatta which don’t have to be managed separately.


Earlier we wore belts only with jeans or shorts but now

this the newest trend of wearing sarees and lehengas is in the limelight. Wearing belts with traditional dresses makes them more royal.


They are the most comfortable traditional outfit ever made. Sharara looks like a skirt but actually it’s a palazzo. These can be wore on any occasion.


Earlier jeans was everyone’s favorite but now pants have took over them as they are less maintenance yet classy.

Whatever the era is, fashion is to be continued. Many new fashion came in existence and many old trends come in different way but style and dressing will never go out of trend.


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