As we all have favourite food , having several varieties of food gives different people different favourite food. Food matters for living, some like to have healthy food according to their health and fitness and some likes to have junk or Street food according to their taste. Some have choice of going in well rated cafes but some have mood for going to Street or stall area.
Street food gives a tasty and spicy flavour of food. There are variety of street food one enjoys a lot. Some street food are –


Water balls everyone’s favourite,gives yummiest, spicy, tangy flavour and everyone enjoye a lot while having this. This is called by different names in different places, like some calls it as Patashi , some calls as Puchka, some as Golgappa, some as Panipuri. It is made of flour and filled with boiled potato and to add tangy water to it. It is liked by every generation.

Bhelpuri –

Bhelpuri is made of mur mur. Added with some raw veggies and chutney’s and some extra spices according to flavour. It is again an amazing Street food mostly enjoyed as snacks.

Pav Bhaji-

The yummiest pav bhaji, roasted and made in butter with lachha pyaz gives a perfect flavour to pav bhaji. Pav is served with butter bhaji and gives an amazing flavour and smell.

Sev Puri-

Again the most spicy, green chillies are added more for giving a spicy touch. Small fried chips added with chutney and raw veggies.


Most selling and eaten by all of us. Momos are served in two forms fried and steamed. One can enjoy this with most spicy momos chutney.

Many more street food are also available. One must try and also keep a balance over the diet.
Keep enjoying the yummy food.



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