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Friends means Happiness


Friends are the people who we can choose in our life, otherwise family and relatives are the ones we get by birth itself without any choice. Friendship is the best present to ask for or to give someone. It is usually between two persons who share a similar bond with each other without anyone feeling less than the other.

We meet many people along the way but we are close to only some of them only. We can have a lot of friends but we only have one or two close friends with whom we share true friendship.

Having a true friend with whom we can share each and everything either happiness or sadness is a blessing. Friendship should be a judgement free relation, where we can be ourselves without any fear of being judged. This is the feeling we thrive for in our life.

It is a special bond we share of love, appreciation, trust and more. Our friend should motivate to become best version of ourself. A great friendship is where both supports each other in no matter what happens, where you cannot leave in the bad times.

Friendship make us strong because there is someone who will always support us no matter what happens and they will pick us up if we fall.

Friendship with someone can never be planned rather it happens surprisingly. It only requires equal efforts from both the sides.

Fights are a necessary part of any friendship as without these we cannot know the importance of them in our life.

It is never like this that how many friends you have, but is like how many of them will support you or stand by you in your difficult times. Only difficult times show us that who is our true friend. As in happy times everyone will be there but in  sad times the one who truly cares only they will be there.

Where ever we go we need our friends. it is not in the place where we go it is with whom we go and have fun. we can to a five star hotel and can’t have fun alone but with our friends we can even enjoy a jungle too.

Each friendship teaches us something either positive or negative, less or more that’s why it is said, every friend is important for us in life.

Friendship cannot be purchases it is always earned with the effort or love or care or support.


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