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From Elephant to Tiger – What’s your Parenting Style


Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them said “Lady Bird Johnson”

But every child is different and so as parents. That variety is what makes our world unique, and also what makes communities thrive.
In the present era, parenting is not a duck soup, it was never the one. But, is there a style of parenting that is better for kids when it comes to their physical, emotional, and virtual well-being?
So let us scrutinize some parenting styles.

Tiger parent

The term “Tiger mom ” came into existence in 2011 when Amy Chua, a Yale law professor and mother of two daughters, published a book about her parenting style called The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

Tiger parents are known to push and pressure their children to attain high levels of academic achievement and carefully choosing extracurriculars above leisure time.
One can easily understand this style of parenting with one of the famous dialogue “Abba nhi manenge” of Bollywood movie “3 idiots”

Helicopter parent

Helicopter parenting can be delineated as over parenting. Helicopter parents are known to hover over their children and become overly involved in their lives.
Helicopter parents desired to supervise every activity of their child, from choosing friends in kindergarten to their career goals.

Elephant Parent

The term elephant parenting was first used by Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar in her Atlantic blog. 
Elephant parents are the opposite of Tiger parents. Elephant parents allow their children more flexibility and choices rather than definitive and strict guidelines that need to be followed. 

Dolphin Parent

The term dolphin parenting was coined by Dr Shimi Kang in her book ‘The Dolphin Way: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy, and Motivated Kids Without Turning Into A Tiger’.

Dolphin parenting is the most flexible style of parenting similar to the pliability of dolphins.
Dolphin parents practice a balance of everything while parenting. They might set rules and regulations on their kids but at the same time, they will give their kids enough freedom in their life.

Each of the above parenting styles has its pros and cons and the decision of choosing the right style depends on the child and their style.
The key to good parenting can be a combination of each or it can be a completely different one.


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