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Generation gap


One of the major reason of generation gap is age. it is the natural factor of age gap in two peoples and this creates the whole problem. age gap is either a problem or a blessing it only depends on us and how we take it.
many teenagers feels this gap between them and their parents. as they think they are now grown ups but parents didn’t think so, as they are concerned for their security. in short both don’t understand things from other’s perspectives. this creates misunderstandings between them and cause generation gap.
the most common result of this is distance in relations .parents wants that their child should follow their culture and traditional ways but kids are of modern age so they don’t believe in these old traditional ways. and this results in distance in their relations but this is wrong from both the sides. the only broad solution for this is that parents should give freedom and trust their child and at the same time child should be in his limits and not do anything that is not acceptable. this is the only way both the generations can be happy and their relation would not be affected.

reasons of generation gap and there solutions:

less understanding:
parents need to understand that new generation cannot be raised like they were raised. but this dosn’t means that they should not be given traditional values. instead they should be taught everything in a manner that they could understand and accept it.

this is the most annoying thing as a child when they are compared to someone else. parents think that doing this can motivate the child but it is not like that. by doing this child can even lose his confidence.

lack of interactions:
due to work load or anything parents does not get enough time to spent with their children but they should do this as this is also a reason of enlarging the gap between them.

listening and understanding:
most of the time children don’t listen to their parents as they think they don’t know anything but they should listen to their parents as they are the one more experienced. and parents should also understand what the child wants.

this generation gap cannot be erased but we can try to minimise this by putting efforts. and this will not happen from one side rather both the sides should out equal effoets to reduce it. if one is compromisinf than other should atleast acknowledge it. this could only be overcome by love, understanding, trust and forgiving.


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