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Incredible Facts About COVID19

Incredible Facts About Covid19

Where Our World Is Going?

Many incidents and situations are going around us but most of us are not aware of it. Before going deeper let’s have a quick recall of what everyone thinks about Covid 19. According to the news and things we hear around we can say that covid 19 is a:

Man mad virus

A threat towards destroying the humanity

Formed due to animals

Natural Disaster

These are some of the thoughts of the humans but there are some incredible facts about covid 19 which we will be seeing here.


Herein, are some incredible facts about covid19 which we all should know.


London Olympics

We all know about the Olympics and most of us have a fascination with it. Every Olympics have an open ceremony to engage all the audience. So, if we closely look through the 2012 London Olympics open ceremony, it holds our breath for a minute.

The thought of a planet being attacked by a horrific illness is hard for physicians and nurses to recover. There is also a scene that shows us that satan controls this entirely. This incident leads one to consider the present situation and to compare it.


Bill Gates Ted Talk 2015

Another thing is that we could get a hint to what is happening if we looked at the ted talk of Bill Gates. In 2015, Bill gates announced during this particular talk that the planet is affected by an airborne epidemic. Also, it is very difficult for us to carry.

Considering all these factors, Doesn’t that sound shocking for us?

Whatever it is, the ultimate thing which led us to think is who is doing this and why they are doing it?

The Illuminati and Jews are thought to be the sole cause that they are trying to minimise and conquer the world’s population.


The way they do is different as they show us the future indirectly of what is going to happen. To understand this even more we can go through few examples. After reading, we will be in a state of shock and we won’t move our eyes for a second.

Twin Towers

Twin Towers

We all are aware of the Twin Towers, New York which got a crash in the late 90s but this incident was predicted in the 1991 comics with a picture depicting the crash of twin towers. If we have a look at that picture, we cannot believe if it is really true or not. But, we need to accept it.

Captain America

Climax Of Captain America

The film Captain America who has won billions at the box office is another surprising example. At the climax of this film, we can see a coronavirus symbol and a bottle with the name of the corona at the backdrop.



The movie Contagion clearly explains the current situation we are undergoing. The abstract of the movie is the world getting affected by a virus and millions of death occurring due to it. We can visualize what we are experiencing when we see that movie. Also, we can see the pain and suffering of the people.

All these factors clearly say that the future is predicted before. We are not able to accept or believe what is happening around us. But, we need to understand that something is happening. Through this, we can get that the future is shown indirectly to us.

But in what ways we could predict this is a mystery. It can be either through comics, video games, logos, dress, movies and album songs. Apart from this, we can get hints in any way but it is very hard for us to find. Since we need to analyze deep into it to know what is happening.


These are some incredible facts about covid19. We cannot say all this just like this by seeing that we have no shred of proof of all these. We know no prediction, coincidence and it is all a puzzle for everybody. And digging deep into it can lead to a great deal of surprising knowledge.

So, we should do what is necessary instead of simply accepting what’s happening around us. We need to analyze if something different is going on. We should observe things and question ourselves in whatever we do. In the sense like, for what purpose we are doing or for what something is happening. Moreover, we need to open our eyes and ears wide open to get a clue for our questions.

The ultimate thing is we should think of what is going around us. If we follow this, it is much useful for our personal life too. Through that, we will be able to find the answers to our questions which continues to be puzzle-solving for us. We should take a step ahead and move forward. So, everything is in our hands as to how we need to proceed further.

Written by: Ananie Borgia


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