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Life is more Fun if you play games


Playing games has always been an exciting part of growing up for us all.

Certainly, the majority of us are not practising any game as a profession but we all have experienced a different kind of joy, pleasure and enthusiasm in our childhood because of them.

Being an Indian and from the 90’s generation I have cherished many beautiful moments in my childhood and I’m pretty sure everyone has enjoyed those wonderful days.

So let’s walk down memory lane with the childhood games we use to play when we were young and free.

Stapoo- ( Also known as Chindro and kidi kada)

Red Hand

Raja ,rani,chor, sipahi



These traditional games have helped us to learn cooperation and teamwork skills, work on strategies and tactics, and many such preachings for life.

But in the age of technology, these games have lost their essence, and need replenishment.


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