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Live Life to the Fullest

We are so busy building a perfect life that we often forget to enjoy what we already have. We are so occupied making a better future that we have forgotten how to live our present in a better way.

They say ‘Grind in your 20s, Build in your 30s & Chill in your 40s.’ As if we’ll able to enjoy ourselves in our 40s with all the upcoming responsibilities. As if in our 40s, we’ll still have our same college gang. As if everybody in the gang will be available at that time to go for an adventure. As if we’ll be physically alright by the time. As if there’s a guarantee that we’ll be alive by the time we’re supposed to be 40! All we have is NOW.

People give opinions based on their experience. But none of us have experienced everything in life. Every choice has it’s own cost. Our elders usually advice us to, ‘Struggle now and Enjoy later. Or Enjoy now, Struggle later. Choice is yours’. Well, the choice is ours.

Why can’t we enjoy the best of both worlds? Why can’t we balance things out?

We absolutely can. A little adventure hurts no one! We can make a schedule and make things work out. A break from daily routine always serves as a refreshment. If we’re meant to stay in just one place then we’d have roots instead of feet. So, explore while your feet still works.

So many beautiful places to visit, so little time. Take out your backpack. Explore the unseen. Seek the adventure which makes you feel most alive. Work hard, travel harder. Live your life in such a way that later you don’t have any regrets, just memories to be cherished. So, go to that trip, you were delaying because of your busy schedule. Adventure awaits, go find it!


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