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Lockdown: opportunity or misfortune


When government announced lockdown at first, many of us didn’t took it seriously because we thought that situation is serios in worse in Wuhan and will not affect us. But later when we released we have to follow this rule for our safety then a whole experience began.

This corona virus lockdown act as a pause button for our lives, as everything stopped unexpectedly. It affected the life of people around us with food tensions, negativity in minds, boredom, and many more.

But this face of our life teaches many lessons which we can never learn. Lockdown told us to live with limited stuff, brings us close to our family, made us self sufficient, provide us time to enhance our talent.

For many people it was a bad experience too. Those who cannot stay at home due to their anger or health issues they were the most frustrated ones in this period. They cant adjust with their own family itself. Or the ones who can’t do household work by themselves, as we cannot call the helpers to do this work.

Children too lost their precious time of childhood in this lockdown. When they can go out and play, make new friends or memories, at that time they were stuck at their home watching tv and attending online classes. Ladies were the one who had double workload than on normal days. As they have to do all the daily routine work plus watch out kids with classes and husbands who had nothing to do due to lockdown.

Those families who took this phases in positive way and helped each other in everything from work pressure to mental pressure were the happiest one in this whole lockdown. Because without family support we can never do anything. Who can adjust in limited resources and could control their anxiety loved their lockdown. On the other hand poor people who have no choice but have to manage in very little or no saving suffered the most in this time.

Many people use took this as an opportunity as they explore their hidden talents of cooking, painting, embroidery, singing and many more. They spend a quality time with their families which they can never spent in their hectic schedules.

In short those who took it in positive way they loved this time but those who have a habit of complaining in every situation were the ones who lost this time to do something.


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