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A communicable disease came in spread from 2019. Everyone struggling for their lives in this pandemic. Major effect of Covid-19 was more on lives then countries economy. Not only people stuck away from their homes but also survived a long hunger strike. Many countries are stable with this pandemic but some still fighting for it. Most funny thing about this pandemic is that earlier the number of cases were less but the scarey thought among people was so much that some lost their lives by being mentally depressed. But now cases are as high  as high peak of mountain but the scare among people is as low as speed of turtle. After many research and experiments VACCINE came. Firstly it was completed for the hospital staffs, Later it was started with old age people. Not only Corona must be blamed in pandemic but also different Natural Calamities like heavy rainfall, forest fire etc. were happened too. Presently the condition is better from earlier, but the warning for 3rd Layer has been given by Government.   A major SALUTE to Police and Doctors who not thinking about their life and working for the country. Respect to all Police and Doctors !! Sonu Sood , Bollywood actor , who came in front to save lives of people . A smart man who arranged transportation for those people who stuck away from house. He helped by providing Ration to many families.  


In the beginning of pandemic people were infected by high fever, cough cold , losing taste and smell, not able to breathe properly , but in second wave people having symptoms like mild headache, stomach pain and so on. Mild affects were the cause of second wave.

Preventions and Precautions


The best way to prevent one from disease was Stay safe and stay home. Government had declared LOCKDOWN in the whole country. No one can travel neither within city nor outside the state.

School , colleges, offices and all working places were closed, that’s why the major effect was on the Economy of the country. But India being a well developed country recovering with great speed.

Fine while not using Mask in public place declared and splitting in public places with strict action. Sanitize and Mask were necessary things beside oxygen.

Anyways in this pandemic everyone had taught some things new, Some learnt new lessons , some learnt cooking , crafts  and many more.

Stay Safe


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