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Made In Heaven? Maybe Not!

Made in Heaven?
Made in Heaven?

Are marriages really what they seem to be?

A happy association between two families but layered with cream of insecurities, asymmetry, adjustments, and vulnerabilities. Maybe this is the understanding of a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding.’ Lavish venues, extensive decor, and extravagant apparel must be pretty successful in hiding the primary perceptions of the two getting tied.

India is a society in transition, with tradition clashing with modern individual aspirations.  

Big Fat Indian Wedding
Big Fat Indian Wedding
Marriage markets in India operate on a set of matchmaking rules. The participants are looking for an optimal partner, but for their families foremost and them latter. Familial or other social networks typically match the boy and girl. Social status, caste, and religion are meant to proxy as a signal of virtue between the two families. The one-sidedness of information is witnessed; two families don’t know enough about each other but observe flags, such as displaying the wealth and values of the opposite party. A family strictly prefers their type with minor adjustments.
Matchmaking often involves families putting up a facade to portray themselves similar to the others. Hiring private investigators can overcome adverse selection. In this way, they receive verifiable and credible information that helps update their beliefs about the other party and determines whether the signals they received were noisy and whether type congruence has been achieved. 
Matchmaking has also seen socially acceptable evil practices such as dowry, marital abuse, or intermediating between families for demands still prevalent even in the 21st century.

Amongst all these, somewhere the children are presumed as assets. The two getting hitched are snubbed of their choices and likings.

So is this truly a match Made In Heaven or just another adjustment.



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