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Menstrual Cups: Pros & Cons|Is it safer than Sanitary Pads| Buying guide

Menstrual cup, why it's better than Sanitary napkins
Menstrual cups

As we know, Menstrual Hygiene is the most important thing for women. As if it’s not taken care of properly, can cause many types of diseases. Here, choosing the right product, for mensuration days gets very important to live a healthy lifestyle. So, there are many products available in the market, like Menstrual Cups, Sanitary Napkins, and Tampons.

Now the question arises, that which product to choose and which not to choose. Choosing the safest product out there is the only option you have because no one should compromise with their health and hygiene. Choose a product that is Anti-Bacterial, will not cause any health issues, and Environfriendly too.

Here, you’ll get all the facts that prove, why Menstrual cups are far better than any Sanitary Pads or Tampons. Did you know? There are Sanitary Pads in the market which are not environment friendly, as many of them are Non-Biodegradable, which harms our environment.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

A Dom/Funnel-shaped cup which is flexible in nature, used as a Feminine Hygiene product. Which is inserted inside the Vagina to collect the Mensuration blood during the Menstruation days of women. This Menstrual cup is made up of Grade Silicon which collects period blood in it, it never soaks blood.

These Cups are something that offers you, Freedom to move freely, and perform all the daily activities without any tension of getting blood leakage, irritation, or rashes down there. These cups can be used for years if kept properly, one menstrual cup can be used maximum for the next 8-10 years. Since these cups are Reusable, it is a cost-effective product once you buy this, you don’t need to buy new for each time till it gets more than 8 years.

Menstrual Cups sizes which are available-

These cups basically comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small – This size menstrual cups are for, Teenagers out there or First-time users.
  • Medium – This is the size for young women who fall under the age group of 30. And one who didn’t deliver a baby.
  • Large – This cup size is for women who fall above the age group of 30. And women who have delivered a baby.

Difference between Menstrual Cups and Sanitary Napkins-

Here, all the criteria are discussed like which product is safest, cost-effective, Eco-friendly, Antibacterial, Reliable etc.

1- Menstrual cup can last up to 8-10 yearsOne packet pad is just for one time usage
2- Clean after the time period of 12 hours Change under every 5-6 hour
3- Does not leak if inserted properlyChance of leakage is always their
4- One time investmentYou always have to buy a new one
5- It’s ReusableNot-Reusable
6- Avoids InfectionsInclude chemical fluid which may cause Infection
7- Eco-FriendlyNon- Ecofriendly
8- Stuck at a place so it does not cause any RashesMay causes Rashes
9- It collects the menstrual bloodIt absorbers the menstrual blood
10- It feels comfortable once you get habitIt always feels uncomfortable while wearing for long
11- Does not include any fragranceIt includes fragrance in it
12- Budget friendlyNot budget friendly
13- HygienicNot that hygienic
14- Could be worn while Swimming, Dancing, Running, etcYou can’t wear it while swimming, and it feels
very uncomfortable while doing any physical activity
Difference between Menstrual cups and Sanitary Napkins

Menstrual Cup- Which one to buy for yourself?

There are many brands/company selling menstrual cups in market, so it becomes a bit confusing that which one to go for, there are many questions which comes in mind while purchasing one for yourself. I have described the best Menstrual cups available right now. You should really give try to any of them if you are going to use them for the first time. The one you’ll choose will last for many years, so it’s just a one-time investment, that will make your life way easier in your menstruation days.

Always get the proper size for you, after reading the article you’ll get to know which size is going to fit in your vagina. Given size chart, in the beginning, will help you to finds your Menstrual cup which fits properly. If you want to make an Eco-friendly environment then do adopt using Menstrual cup habit.


Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup Buy yours.

It a Pad-Free period menstrual cup, which is convenient for a First time user too. It is a reusable menstrual cup for women, which is made with the 100% Medical Grade Silicon. This is an Ultra-soft cup, which is odor and Rash-free.

Feature are-

  • FDA approved- This ensures safe skin.
  • All 3 sizes Small, Medium, and Large are available
  • Free from SHUV – Substances of very high concern.
  • Cost-effective and Healthier.
  • Made with 100% Grade silicon.
  • Lasts for 8-9 years.
  • Eco-Friendly does not harm our environment.
  • Comes in a pouch to keep it with safety to use for the next time.

2- Pee Safe Menstrual Cups for Women

Pee safe Menstrual cup Buy yours.

It’s a Pee Safe Menstrual Cup for women. Which is Odor and Rash Free which is the best part of it. This cup is also Leakage Proof. It’s totally Infection free, it is Reusable and gives you so much comfort.

The cup can be worn during the day while doing all the regular activities, or workout and even during the night when you are sleeping.

Features are

  • Lasts for 9-10 years.
  • All 3 sizes Small, Medium, and Large are available
  • FDA approved- This ensures safe skin.
  • Eco-Friendly does not harm our environment.
  • Made with 100% Grade silicon.
  • Cost-effective and Healthier.
  • Comes in a pouch to keep it with safety to use for the next time.

3- Evereve Menstrual Cup for Women

Evereve Menstrual Cup for Women Buy Yours.

The extra-soft menstrual cups offer long-lasting protection & ensure no irritation, menstrual odor, itching, rashes, or dryness(Usually caused by Sanitary Pads). It gives you leak-free protection for 8 to 10 hours.

Soft-touch silicone with rounded edges, there are no sharp points, Its flexible rib ensures a comfortable fit and leak-free experience during period days.

Features are

  • It reduces waste.
  • It keeps toxins out of your body and out of the environment too.
  •  Naturally odorless, biocompatible, & chemical-free.
  • It collects as much as 4 tampons
  • Comfortably wear it to hike, swim, or just relax.
  • FDA approved- This ensures safe skin.
  • All 3 sizes Small, Medium, and Large are available.

How To Use A Menstrual Cup-

Steps to use a Menstrual cup-
  • Open a new cup and stir it in the hot water and let it boil for few seconds.
  • Take your Menstrual cup and fold it into a C shape.
  • Now relax and put the cup inside your Vaginal opening, by pushing it a little bit upward direction.
  • Use your fingers to adjust the cup, and let it go as high finger is allowing.
  • Now it will make a pop sound, it’s not that necessary in few cases it does not pop.
  • After 11-12 hours hold the stem of your menstrual cup and put it out gently do not hurry while doing this.
  • Throw the collected blood and after washing insert it again the same way you did before.

How to keep your Menstrual Cup after the usage?

As it is used during Menstruation days, and we use to put it in the internal part of our body, it should always be kept in good hygiene and clean way. After every usage of the cup, when you remove it, clean it with normal water first. Then you have to serialize it, you can do this process with the help of Sterilize machine which helps for the deep cleaning of the Menstrual cup. You can also choose another way, boil water in a pan and keep your cup in the water and let it stir for 1-2 minutes and it’s ready to be stored until you use it for the next time.

Sirona Menstrual Cup SterilizerClean your Period Cup Effortlessly – Kills 99% of Germs in 3 Minutes with Steam – 1 Unit,

  • Features: Quick | Easy-To-Use | Compact | Lightweight
  • Safe to Use: Comes with automatic power-off for complete safety.

Buy your Sterilizer Machine Click here to buy.

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