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Mental Health and Covid-19


Anxiety, stress, feeling of helplessness, sleeping issues and many more but the reason behind each of them nowadays is the most popular or I should say a most horrible word of 2020 “COVID-19”.
The day when WHO announced the COVID-19 as a pandemic, another pandemic was queued along with it and that was “Mental Health”.
In the beginning, there is a fear of being infected with the virus people were feared of loosing their life due to the virus but as time evolved the reason of fear, anxiety, stress shifted to unemployment, acute poverty, indebtedness, career issues and many more.
Every individual is fighting his own battle against the virus some in the hospital and some in their homes. The pandemic has shattered the humans differently. Every country is facing different problems but the country like ours having the second largest population in the world with more than 22% people living below the poverty line is facing a huge number of problems with a handful of solutions to them.
In the last one and half year, the suicide rate of India has increased rapidly. People have killed themselves due to loneliness and fear of being tested positive. Depression has become the most common problem, especially among youngsters and teenagers. The pressure of diminishing jobs, studying in online mode without proper infrastructure ,least real-world exposure, decreased social interaction etc. are the major problems that have occurred due to persisting condition of lockdown and have created a huge impact on their mental health.
In comparison to 2019, the cases of suicide and suicidal behaviour has increased by 66.7% in 2020. The data is clearly showing the vulnerable condition of mental health, which need immediate attention.
So, it’s high time that the government of countries as well as we as an individual should take this issue seriously, and should focus on fighting the present pandemic and the pandemic of near future.

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