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Nail art is the latest trend in the field of makeup. It refers to decorating nails in a way so it looks like art. Nail art is a creative activity which is done to make our nails look more attractive and presentable. It is done using different tools and products available.

Earlier manicure meant just painting nails with a beautiful color but not it is not just confines to this. Now nails have became a huge canvas on which we can draw our imagination. Nail art is becoming a huge part of makeup, without which makeup is completed now a days.

Doing nail art is as similar as to draw on a canvas but the only difference is that nail art has a small canvas compared to normal painting.  This can be done on both hands and toes. It can be as simple as a normal nail painting and as difficult as drawing your face on your nail.

Types of nail art:

  • Painting with a brush (brush technique): Brush technique is just like any other paintings where we use different variety of brushes, which suits the most. We can draw any design or template by using different brushes. But it requires a lot of practice to be a master of different strokes, patterns etc. We can paint our nails in n number of designs using these brushes. Once we started using different brushes and our creative thinking there is no end to it. We just need to get started and then the sky is the limit.

· Sponge technique

In this sponge technique we use a simple piece of sponge for making patterns or designs on our nail. This technique is used for getting gradient effect. We can use different types of sponges from makeup to art to paint anything we want to make our nails look beautiful.

This technique is done by applying a base coat and letting it dry then take a sponge put some nail colour on it and dab it on the nail and then finally apply top coat

  • Stamping technique

This technique is so simple as we just have to put on a nail colour, then take a stamp of your choice and just stamp it on the nail and apply top coat. This acts as a stencil for us as not everyone is a great artist who can paint pretty nails, but stamp can be done by anyone.

  • Taping method

Taping method is not a task but it does require practice and knowledge. In this method we first put normal base coat or nail paint of any colour then we make a pattern using tapes cut in small pieces.  These tapes are applied on those areas only where we want the base colour itself. And the rest part is coloured in different shades. Once we have achieved our motive or the pattern, we want we will remove the tapes gently and that’s how our nail art is done through taping method.

  • Nail art decals and Stencils

Decals and stencils are the new and so easy method to do nail art. We just need to place the stickers on a nail and it’s done. There are so many designs and patterns available to choose from. One just need to stick a sticker on her nail and boom its ready.

  • French tips

It is the oldest but the most elegant nil art technique. The more elegant and classy it is, the more easy it is to make. This is something we can wear in our daily routine and at the same time we can rock a party look as well. It can go with any outfit from indian to western to work anything.

  • Artificial nails

Many if us love to have long beautiful nails but not everyone have it because of some Or other reason, but no worries the solution is here we can have artificial nails and make our dream come true. In no time we can this technique is so trending in today’s world as we just have to visit a nail salon and the thing is done.

  • Stick on nails

These are the most trending nail art technique these days, as no one have time to spend hours in nail salons to make their nails beautiful, but beautiful nails are must so there are these stick on nails which we just have to take and sticks on our original nails and boom we are ready. They come in many design, sizes, pattern and we have a lot to choose from.

There is no doubt in that nail art is becoming so popular so quick. It is not only loved by collage girls but also middle-aged ladies too. So many nail studios are opening and providing their services is so surprising as earlier no one look towards nails like this and within a decade or some it is became a statement.


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