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Online Learning vs Online Bunking


Online Learning vs Online Bunking

As every coin has two sides ‘Online Classes’ has its pros and cons too. But when it comes to online classes let me tell you that this is a counterfeit coin and so the pros and the cons aren’t actually balanced.

The whole education system is ruined due to the pandemic. The students have lost the ability to stay focused in online classes. The current situation has made them lethargic to such an extent that they don’t even bother to pay attention in class. When exams are supposed to be held in online mode, then why will they study by themselves offline. They are only going to cheat through google. This is a fact and everybody knows it. The parents as well as the teachers are aware of this but still, they’re compelled to be blindfolded.

What if the same conditions are continued for a tenure?

No one has any idea about how long covid is going to be with us. What is our plan for the education sector?  From nursery classes to college degrees, everything is shifted from practical to virtual. It’s like we’re buying the degrees without actually earning them. Everybody knows that ‘not everything can be done online, still we’re continuing with online learning only. Online education has turned out to be a blessing for some students. It is good for only those brilliant students who can grab things instantly. While for others, it’s no less than a curse. There are many who were not able to perform well in the offline classes, how are they supposed to work on themselves in online mode.

  Online classes might be easy to access, but is the learning provided there accessible to everybody’s understanding? The answer is NO, we need a better kind of innovation. The kind which is only a blessing to all.


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