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Online On Social Media Offline in Society….



Sharing information, ideas, thoughts, advertisement through internet defines social media. Interaction using this has become quite easy from organisation to organisation and from country to country. One can easily go through what’s happening near the society or in other country. Basically, one can peep into one’s life, one can watch out what the other person doing in one’s life. 

As everything has advantage and disadvantage, social media has many disadvantages too. Spending more time on internet has killed childhood of many children. Not interacting with social life and scrolling over media has changed lifestyle of this generation. This generation has never enjoyed outdoor activities. Social media influenced the lives of many people, from 6 months child to 60 years man everyone a fan of SOCIAL MEDIA.

Having an advantage of social media is that everyone is connected to each other digitally and getting to know what’s happening in worldwide. Getting news, entertainment, learning new things, study, teaching, business, jobs everything becoming easy. One can easily get interacted from all the feeds all over world.

As having many advantages, some disadvantages are also founded. Excessive use of internet is not good. People now a days performing crimes and making a not use of it. Making the internet a thing to develop oneself can be productive, but spending more time over it and just using it for entertainment is not good thing. Excessive use of this gives eyes strain, lazy body, not having interaction with society.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

Some social media platforms are:


Making new friends online, uploading your activities.


Uploading stories and following your friends.


News feed by uploading tweets.


It is professional type of social media.


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