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Online shopping or e- commerce is the latest and easiest way to shop. We are just a click away from purchasing anything. In this covid times this is not only easiest way but also the safest way to shop. Online shopping has many reasons for gaining its popularity as people today wants comfort and quality which they easily get through shopping online. No one wants to go outside in this melting temperature and then standing in ques at billing counters so this alternate allows us to sit on a couch and shop without going out and wasting time.

Online stores has wide range of products and brands, we can review the product we want to buy and in case we didn’t like it we can return it too. From online shopping gaining popularity both buyers and sellers have their own benefits. Consumers can choose from wide variety and avail different discounts and sellers have a benefit of not to stay confined to one place only, they can display their products to the whole world.

  • Searching for a product:

The very first step is to search for a product that we wish to buy. Its simple to do this as we can directly go to a website and find it or rather we can google a product and compare the same product from different sites, this will allow us to compare its quality, prices and anything.

  • Buying the product:

After selecting the product mow we will place its order and this can be done through either online banking or digital payment methods or through cash on delivery.

  • Receiving an order:

Now its time to receive the product from which we has place an order. Delivery time of the order depends on many factors such as the availability of the products, the geographical conditions, natural causes like covid etc.

  • Replacement of the product:

Returning or replacing feature of online shopping is the best as if we have some problem with the product received than we can easily replace it by filing a complaint and then after a specific time the brand will replace that product. Replacement can be of two types either they will relace the product with new one or they will give us a coupon for use in future orders.

Online shopping not only deals in products but also in services. We can have a salon at home service or a repairing work or massage and so many more without going anywhere.

In this covid period this is the best way to order anything because through this we can confirm our safety and fulfill all the needs.

Online shopping is indeed a blessing in this corona time.


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