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Our Tradition Our Treasure


India is made up of unique and diverse traditions which were originated 5000 years back by our ancestors without any technology seldom we give a thought that how they did it . These traditions were not made to restrict or bound us but they are there to guide us from any mishappening. Even if our ancestors don’t know much about science while creating these traditions but their research was full proof. They gave us many traditions which we follow blindly just to respect them but they are beneficial for us in each and every sense.

They taught us to greet by the way of NAMASTE or NAMASKAR but we the new generation consider it as old fashioned but in this COVID-19 situation not only India but whole world is following our tradition.

Namaste basically made up of two words “namas”= bowing and “te”= to you therefore it literally means “bowing to you”. It is a no-touch way of greeting and it is believed that by joining both the hands preserves the energy and prevents us from getting negative energy of the other person which is not possible in shaking hands and again in present COVID-19 situation everyone is using this of greeting just because this prevents us from the virus transfer which can happen through shaking hands or hugging.

Not only this, but our eating habits is also well identified and researched, as we Indians follow a Thali system for eating which is now gaining popularity all over the world because thali is a combination of different nutrients in one platter. Thali have a balance of nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, which are a part of a good balance diet and asit is believed that  Balance diet is key to good health. Eating a balanced diet builds our immune system, which is most important for fighting the viruses. We always follow this tradition and now everyone is focusing on this only to boost their immunity.

Thali the utensil also have some significance as eating in a silver thali is one of indian tradition as silver is bacteria free, non-toxic substance which keeps our food fresh.

To conclude we can say that due to this pandemic situation we are going back to our traditions taking the world with us not only these but many more traditions, so a popular saying perfectly fits in that is OLD IS GOLD.     


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