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Being a foodie person is such an amazing thing, one can explore different food according to mood. Different types of food according to culture, country, region and many more. Many cafes, lounges are upcoming as being supported by youngsters. Pizza , Everyone’s favorite food ,as origin from Italy. A perfect Italian food appreciated by everyone. Pizza not only being a cheesy dish but also gives a large variety according to one choice.

To define pizza, a flat base baked with sauces and veggies to add cheese over it. One can have different varieties with different ingredients. Pizza being a saucy and cheesy dish also be made as healthy. We can avoid the junk by using some beneficial ingredients. Ingredients plays a major role in giving different varieties to Pizza. One can have Cheese Pizza , Margherita Pizza , OTC Pizza , Onion Pizza , Peppy Paneer Pizza .

As pizza is enjoyed by every generation, So why not make pizza a Healthy one ?

Places where pizza is found more famously:



And other cafes too.

Dominos and Pizza Hut are quiet famous where different varieties of pizza is found. They gives a large variety and delicious pizza.

Must try yummy Pizza and change pizza according to your mood.


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