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Productive Hobbies to try this COVID-19 pandemic

Hobbies and COVID-19

The entire world has been grappling with COVID-19. The outbreak that first originated in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, China had spread out to the entire world in just a few months. Social distancing, lock downs and curfew had put the normal lives of people on hiatus. The four walls of our home have become the new reality of every individual. Mental health of people took a dive for the worse, and so did the financial status of most startups and freelancers. However, on a more positive note, it also gave people a much needed breather to try and reorganize their lives and habits. And there is no better way of dealing with this sudden change of pace than inculcating a new hobby. Though there are many hobbies that can be taken up on the basis of a person’s interest, certain hobbies can be more productive than most and can become our career option or can even give a major boost to our careers. Following are a list of productive hobbies which can be imbibed during this COVID-19 pandemic for a much needed growth in our metiers.


This is irrevocably, the most productive and perhaps, the most relaxing hobby. Not just useful for gaining information but, also a wonderful way of taking our mind off things. Moreover, it can give the left hemisphere of our brain a much needed creative boost. If you are interested in the world of writing, being an author or freelancing or even content creating, this is the holy bible. So, bring out those ear marked, half read books and enjoy a trip to la la land this pandemic.

Reading as a productive hobby during COVID-19
Reading books is a highly productive hobby
Learning a new language

This is not just a fun hobby but also gives a major boost to our resume. If you are applying in a multi-national company, it improves your prospects, because a multilingual will be able to work in more than just one place or country, without the company having to expend their time and finance training you in that language. You might just be chosen over the rest of your competitors. Secondly, translation is another career prospect that opens up as we learn a new language. Thirdly, if you are passionate about traveling, then knowing the basics of the language of the place that you will be traveling to, opens up a whole new world to explore. And it can be very handful when it comes to sticky situations.

Productive hobby during COVID-19
Nothing more productive than learning a new language in this pandemic

This is definitely a favorite amongst many people. After all, there is a delicious treat (literally) waiting for you at the end of this hobby. This could lead to just cooking for fun, when you have guests or might even become a profession. You only need to name Gordon Ramsay or Sanjeev Kapoor to understand the impact of this hobby, not only on our lives but also others. After all, who can resist delicious cuisines?

Productive Hobby during COVID-19
Learning a musical Instrument

This goes without saying. It can be immensely fun and equally grueling. It needs a little initial expenses, though, for buying the instrument and such. But, if taken seriously, it could lead to an enriching experience. You could just be jamming with your friends or performing gigs or even, teaching music to others. Or who knows you might just become a part of a band that could perhaps, rival AC/DC or Guns and Roses. The possibilities are endless, when it comes to music.

Productive Hobbies during COVID-19

Yes, I know, this one seems a dreadful chore to some of us. However, there are more and more people getting interested in coding, not just because it will further your aspects as a programmer or software engineer or even, as an ethical hacker, but also because it can be pretty fun. And it might just be amongst the most useful skills in a year or two. The pandemic has forced the digital world to evolve even faster and if you know the very basics that make up this world, you will be galloping up the staircase to success.

Learning a craft

This could include anything, literally anything. You could be knitting or crafting products using wood or following the traditional method of making useful items using local products or pottery or making items using sustainable recyclables. And if you are adept in any one of these crafts, you could start your own business. Moreover, you could also be giving your local products and market a great boost. This pandemic gives us the much needed time to master in one.

Starting a YouTube channel

There is literally no one in our generation who has not heard of or used YouTube. And who do you think creates the thousands and thousands of useful content? People like us. If you have something that you want to share with the world, or anything that you want to speak out loud about, then you could start a YouTube channel of your own. It might initially start as a hobby, sharing little anecdotes of your life but it could then, be used as a good source of income. You could become a major influencer. After all, there are very few who haven’t heard of Carry Minati or BB Ki vines.


This is a personal favorite. It can be a great source of relieving the pent up stress of staying at home. You will also find this a great way of connecting with new people. And even though it takes time building up traffic, even more so than other sources, but, with the right networking and proper planning, it can be used as a monetizing source. Some amazing blogging sites are WordPress, Blogger or even Tumblr.

Productive Hobbies during COVID-19

So, these are some of the most productive hobbies that I believe, can be inculcated during this COVID-19 pandemic. . Hopefully, they can be of help! Here’s to good physical and mental health! Cheers!


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