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Promoting Change In Our Outlook

Promoting change in our outlook

Advertisements are a part and parcel of the virtual world. And they can be a strong medium to promote a positive revolution in the society. Here are a few examples of advertisements which is promoting change in our outlook to modern society and the issues we face.

Paytm #FinanciallyEqual

This advertisement was about a social experiment in which 30 participants took part. This experiment was performed to highlight the disparity of financial equality between the two genders. The results from the experiment proved how women were more unlikely to know about financial things and how they depended on their spouse or male family members to do the same. It was really thought-provoking.

Promoting Change in our outlook
Prega News #SheIsCompleteInHerself

This advertisement was a Women’s Day initiative by Prega News. It focused on the issue of infertility and the stigma surrounding it. They started this campaign to make this world a better place for couples battling infertility, by showing more empathy towards them, especially the women. Their final message was to urge women to celebrate themselves for who they are because they are complete in themselves.

Dove #StopTheBeautyTest

This is a campaign started to highlight the beauty standards that modern society upholds and how we judge people on the basis of those standards. And even though they portray only the female point of view, it is irrefutable that men too, go through such harsh judgements. An amazing campaign that shows the ugly side of our society, it truly is time to stop these beauty tests.

L’Oreal Paris #StandUp

This is an campaign initiated by L’Oreal Paris to combat sexual harassment on the streets. This campaign teaches both men and women innovative ways to help combat street harassment, so that we can help someone being harassed. Because, as their tagline says, We are all Worth it.

Dabur Vatika #BraveAndBeautiful

This ad campaign talks about Cancer, Chemotherapy and the hair loss that comes as a side effect. A very moving story line that shows a lady re-entering society after hair loss and her acceptance by her loved ones. The ending message is especially beautiful which iterates that some women don’t need hair to be beautiful.

These were some examples of advertisements that are promoting change in our outlook. There are many such campaigns as more and more commercial companies are moving towards connecting with the people by highlighting social issues. Though it helps increase sales, it can only be hoped that these campaigns can help combat the negative aspects of our society.


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