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Role Of WHO In The Post Covid 19 Challenges



Impact Of Lockdown In The Society

The role of WHO in the post covid 19 challenges really mark a good impact on society. It’s been since 1 year that the WHO declared covid 19 pandemic and the impact of that is still prevailing. Despite all this, the main thing we need to consider is to make ourselves hail and healthy.

This lockdown has created a huge impact on everyone’s life. For some, it yields positive results like spending time with family, self-improvement and many more but for remaining it was the worst part of their life. Whatever may be the reason the ultimate thing common here is our health both mentally and physically.

We are finding ways to improve our immunity and make ourselves free from everything. So through this, we can understand that being healthy is important in this current scenario.

On account of World Health Day WHO has therefore issued five urgent calls to improve health for all people. They are:

Accelerating equal access to COVID-19 technologies between and within countries

We have effective vaccines to boost our immunity to some extent, but are they available for everyone who needs them?So, the primary need is that the vaccines should be distributed to all ranging from high class to low class. To make this successful we require more billion to implement this and the efforts for it are being done.

Invest in primary health care

As mentioned earlier, we shouldn’t compromise on our health and all of us is taking necessary precautions to make ourselves healthy. We are spending around 10% of our total income on health care which is indispensable at this time. But do you think will everyone be affordable to do this as most of the citizens in India are below poverty and many can’t go for it.

To solve this, the WHO emphasizes the government invest at least 1% of GDP in primary health care. According to evidence, implementing proper PHC orientated health systems could save millions of lives and increase the average life expectancy to at least 4 years by 2030.

Adding to this, the government should take action to provide universal health coverage to all health workers. It includes creating millions of jobs globally and thus strengthening the gender equality efforts.

Prioritize health and social protection

The points that we have so far discussed comes under this category. We just can’t imagine the loss we are going through this Covid 19. We are in a position to create a sustainable world, but finding the required resources is proving difficult. So we should make a proper planning and implementation to make this successful.

Build safe, healthy, and inclusive neighbourhood

Building a secure and sustainable environment in our community, as well as having adequate water and sanitation services, is critical. Given the high poverty rate, addressing the issue of water and sanitation, especially in rural areas, is crucial. So, these areas need a bit more investment to make their lives sustainable and get better access to digital technologies.

Strengthen data and health information systems

This is to ensure that Health inequality monitoring should be an integral part of all health information systems. The WHO says that only 51% of countries have included data disaggregation in their statistics health reports. So we should strengthen the status of health since it is time to invest in it.


After reading this, we all can analyze the role of WHO in the post covid 19 challenges. So whatever ways implemented by the WHO won’t be possible without our cooperation and interest in stepping towards a sustainable world. Remember that building a fairer and healthier world takes time, involvement and cooperation but doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Together we need to work to make our world step into a better place.


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