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Season Of The Year


One year is divided into 4 seasons and every season has a speciality. Starting from Spring, Summer, Rainy and Winters.
Different weathers show different time and changes. Different clothing and different festivals and different food all changes accordingly.
To talk about different culture and weather every season has speciality and every season gives different food. Climatic conditions changes a lot. To talk about he different seasons-

To define it , pleasant and sunny weather and climatic condition gives spring. In this season growing crops and and rebirth of crops comes i this. Everything is full of greenery and plants, Nature provides a suitable and pleasant environment where one enjoys the crops and regrows new plants. This is basically the starting of summer and ending of winters. This is the season neither there is low temperature or high temperature, The weather is mostly moderate. But this is the best weather to have vacations or travel.

This season gives high temperature in the environment. The temperature is quite and people usually go for wearing cotton clothes. People enjoy this weather by sitting at home and chilling in Air conditioners. People usually prefers to have a place where temperature is low. This weather is mostly overcome by Neembu Paani, Cold drinks, Cold beverages, cotton wearing and most necessary Air conditioners. Mango is most popular fruit in this season and enjoyed the most.

This is season basically called as monsoon. This season is enjoyed the most with Pakoras and Bhutta. Rain outside Pakora inside gives a perfect combo in this season. This season is mostly enjoyed by peacocks, they usually dance or pre announces the rain coming.Monsoon is such a perfect season to enjoy the weather and climate. The worst about this weather is that high humidity. The sticky environment and nature is not preferable at times.

During this season the temperature is mostly low in environment. This weather gives yummy and warm food like Groundnuts are most famous. Winters are enjoyed with warm blazers and sweaters. The low temperature in environment gives a freezing feel to one. Sometimes if the temperature is much low it results in snowfall. This weather is also enjoyed by many with warm food and dishes and groundnuts are enjoyed the most.

Every season has its beauty and different climatic conditions.


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