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Sindhi Delicacy


Sindhi’s originally belongs to Sindh region, which is now part of Pakistan. Sindhi food is so much influenced by Arab’s, Mughal’s, Turks and many other dynasties rule there. Sindhi food mostly includes rice, flat bread(phulka), dal and vegetables. It is famous for its unique food and their names.

There methods of cooking food are also unique; seyal method is one of them, in this the food is prepared in onion and ginger-garlic base with any vegetable. Another method is tamate mein(in tomato gravy) and theyalso cook their food in saye malasa in which we add coriander leaves and garlic for extra taste.

Some popular Sindhi dishes:

Dal pakwan:

It a combination of chana dal or Bengal gram with chopped onions and lemon wedges and paired with fried flat bread which consists carom and cumin seeds, accompanied with green and tamarind chutney.

Sindhi kadi chawal:

This is a signature dish. This mouthwatering curry is made from mixture of gram flour and water which also have drumsticks, ladyfinger, beans and it is eaten with plain steam rice.


It is the best Sindhi breakfast dish which is basically a wheat flour paratha only, but it dough includes chopped onions, green chillies and it is not a stiff dough. We can have koki with anything like pickle, curd, papad, chutney etc.

Seyun patata:

It is another breakfast dish but is is a sweet paired with something spicy. Seyen is sweet vermicelli and patata is fried potato.

Sai bhaji:

Sai bhaji means spinach in sindhi. This curry is a wholesome package of vitamins. This contains spinach, carrot, garlic, Bengal gram and it is eaten with plain steam rice.


This is a dish consumed on special occasions. This is a sweet dish, prepared with dried coconut, sauf, rice, jaggery, black raisins and dry fruits.


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