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Smile, Laugh and Make Merry

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In a world that threatens to tear down our walls and force us to reveal our vulnerability, laughter can truly be the only weapon to come out unscathed. It is important to reassure our heart and soul that everything is okay. That we are all going to be okay despite everything. And what better way is there other than to smile, laugh and make merry.

There is nothing in the world more irresistibly contagious than laughter and good humor.

The benefits of laughter are immense. We only need to search for it on the internet and we will be bombarded with content on the necessities of smiling and laughing. The reasons could range from physical to physiological, emotional to mental health. However to search for this happiness that evokes laughter in ourselves, is at times, very difficult. Often times, we are pushed beyond our comfort levels and trying times lie ahead. However, it is important to calm down and take a breather and remember to think of all the good times in our lives too. It is important to find out time for our families and have fun. It is also important to keep in touch with our friends, hang out with them and make merry. These are the tiny pearls in the ocean of our life.

Most importantly, it is important to realize that it is okay to make mistakes. Accepting our faults and working to be better in the way that only we can, will help us be happier. It will help us smile more naturally and from the bottom of our hearts. This will help us focus better and achieve better. It will make us more charismatic and approachable. It will fill us with positive energy which will rejuvenate us and give us the zeal to look forward in life. Our positivity will encourage more people to look at their positively thereby leading a chain of positive people and events.

As such, let all bygones be bygones and let all the sleeping dogs lie. Focus on the all the positive moments of your life. Find the happiness in your life and smile, laugh and make merry!


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