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What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization

Since the world is becoming social and we with social media we can attract and make people aware about a business. Social Media Optimization helps you to present your business and establishment to the online market with strong appeal.

Social Media Optimization

The words SMO in simple words help your business or website to get enough traffic or audience to make it presentable and productive. SMO provides a platform where the people are present and waiting for new things now and then.

SMO includes all the social media platforms and attracts the audience from all search engines, and uses its tools to give the audience what they want.

The SMO was first revolutionized by Rohit Bhargav in the 2006 article Rules of Social Media Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is getting the wesite on the top searches on a search engine search. It involves process of arranging the relavent results and showing the most relavent ones on the top followed y remaining. The search engine searches and arranges the results based on realvent content and keywords to optimise the search. Thus mastering the SEO helps to get traffic and attenion but other thing also matter as SEM, SMM etc.

Relation of Social Media and SEO

We find that SEO and SMO are different but they both are intervened together. By mastering SEO and SMO one can get desired great outcome in a short time.

It seems that ranking a website is an easy task, but it is not. Ranking a website takes certain points that help as

  • Content is the most important thing(use best and relevant content).
  • page loading speed.
  • Mobile Friendliness.
  • keywords
  • A domain name, Relevance.
  • SEO
  • Links
  • User Friendly.

Tips To Enhance Your SMO approach

By using some basic tips we can make our website and online business perform great I race or being in the top searches. These basics kept in mind give the best results but we need to keep in mind that content is always the golden key that we use first.

Attractive Social Media profile

As we are working on social media we need to have attractive and presentalbe profile. The profile becomes the face that people see and judge the content insie. The data and content must be relevent and relateable to the type of bussiness and website.

People first see how the profile looks and judges it, once he/she is attracted the clicks and visits start and which makes a lot of difference. In online business world each visit matters and traffic matters, but if traffic is not changed in leads the rating of website falls.

Use of focus keyword

While writing the content and working on an SEO campaign keywords play a great role. The keyword is a word or a phrase that is relevant and shows relevance to the content. In search, the search engine’s algorithm is set to find content with similar or same keywords.

The photo uses keyword – CORONAVIRUS, and food, water, surface etc are meta keywords.

seo and sem
Tips to find relevant keywords
  • Use the keyword search tool for the best results.
  • Arrange the keywords in relevance and systematic pattern.
  • Work on the content using keywords and related keyword synonyms.

Optimize your posts

To expand your reach you need to post relateable and appealing content. The content title must be short and contain keyword. Hashtags can also be included as it provides the reach and gives category to post. Image must have description to declare its information. A post that has keywords and hashtags is most likely to be relavent and attract traffic.

There should be a schedule that should be followed tightly, as the daily presence and your activity keeps you active on the website.

Use relevant photos

Use relevant photos of high resolution in social media whenever needed. The photo must be in landscape and include metadata and description with alt text. The images must be copyright-free and compressed. Compressed images give the webpage easy loading.


The key to rank the website is focus on the content as content is the main factor, followed by keyword and images. SEO and SMO must be kept in mind and keeping in mind that the paragraph must be short. The sentences must be attractive and catchy so that reader must not get bored from reading.

SEO role in today life- https://blog.sincebeginning.com/role-of-social-media-marketing-in-todays-industry/



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