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Some Cool Careers For Nature Freaks

some cool careers for nature lovers

Everyone loves nature. Though this percentage of love varies, it is undeniable that we all have at least some amount of affinity to nature. However, there exists certain people whose love for nature becomes their passion. And they culd easily be called nature freaks. So, here are Some Cool Careers for Nature Freaks. These jobs are more outdoorsy than research based and can be a good choice for anyone who enjoys nature and not particularly bothered with dissecting the workings of it.

Forester or Ranger

This is an amazing job opportunity for those of you who enjoy being in the wild and along with that comes additional benefits of being its protector of sorts. Since it is mostly state or central government based jobs, there is good security when it comes to finance. So, you get to enjoy nature while catching all the bad guys who dares to harm your beloved as well earn a fat check. It is a definite win-win for you!

Foresters visiting a tree damaged by a brown bear in the Siberian taiga. Scratches on the trunk of the pine left by the claws of the brown bear.
Nature Photographer

If you love photography and nature, this is right up your alley. I mean, everyone remembers Farhan from ‘Three Idiots’. who gave up an opportunity to work in a corporate job for the chance to be a Nature Photographer. The fields and prospects in this career is diverse, to say the least. However, you will need a sturdy investment in the form of cameras and other equipments, but if you have the zeal for it, I am sure that will only be a minor setback. You could freelance or work some clients or media houses. Since it is mostly freelancing, it can be a little difficult to establish yourself but considering the perks involved; traveling all over the globe and spending time in the wild, I would say it is worth it!

Adventure trip leader

If you are someone who has a lot of experience traveling to the wilderness and of adventure sports, you could perhaps be interested in setting up planned trips for other nature travelers or for adventure sporting. Of course, you will need to get certification for the same and need to be good at managing things and organizing. One common example of adventure trip leaders are the sherpas of Nepal who guide mountaineers up the Mt. Everest. Nowadays, more and more such leaders are coming up with attractive packages to attract more like-minded nature lovers for a chance to unwind in the wild.

Ski instructor

Any one who has gone to resorts with skiing available, I m sure you might have come across ski instructors. A very cool job and good opportunity. If you can brave the cold and are in love with the pristine white in winter, this prospect might be right up your alley. Instructing new comers on skiing and ensuring the safety of the guests is the prime responsibility of these instructors. You only need to know how to ski and have the patience to teach people, get certified and you are ready to go.

These were in my opinion, some cool careers for nature freaks. There are many many more careers that could fit your bill as a nature enthusiast, but these four are definitely to look out for.


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