In all the times and societies, it was very beneficial for playing sport. Sports and games give needed competitive nature and a strong desire to win. Moreover, when competing with opponents, it is easier to gain proper organizational, decision-making, and strategy-building skills. Thus, participation in sports was always aimed at bringing numerous benefits for participants.

Sports is an important part of today’s society and plays a large role in many people’s lives. Now more than ever, sports dominate in newspaper headlines, and athletes become national heroes and lower.

From a social point, sports play a positive role in uniting people from different social backgrounds in support of their favorite team. This can aid people’s understanding and tolerance of each other. However, just as sport unites people so it can divide them, as it is often demonstrated by crowd violence at football matches.

As far as education is concerned, sport is an important part of every child’s schooling, as it plays a big role in both physical and mental development. It teaches children how to work as part of a group and cooperate with others, while at the same time improving their physical condition.

From an economic point of view, sports can be very profitable as it attracts a lot of sponsorship and advertising. On the one hand, this creates revenue for the sporting industry, which allows for expansion and improvement. On the other hand, large sums of money are paid to event organizers to promote products such as alcohol, cigarettes, steroids, weight gainers, and many more, which are harmful to our health.

Talking about myself, I play unprofessional badminton & kabaddi, since my childhood. I never got the opportunity to prove myself, but I have achieved an active & fit body. At the moment I am a real fan of these two sports. I play almost every game when there is one in my hostel. I do not sport professionally but I still go to play every day.

To my mind, sports gave me not only just a healthy body but also new friends, a way to run away from routine and stress.

In my opinion, sport should be used as much as possible to encourage people and lead to a healthy and peaceful life. As a greek proverb says, “healthy soul in a healthy body”

“A lot of people are afraid of heights, Not me, I am afraid of widths.”

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.



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