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Positive approach towards Covid-19 Pandemic

stay positive in covid-19 pandemic

We all know how the world has changed from developing and progressing to the world where everything is at a halt as we are fighting the covid-19 pandemic.

There is a lot of negativity everywhere we go whether it be social media or news or society there is nothing to please our mind and give positive vibes, and it is very easy for anyone to get stuck in it.

We said goodbye to 2020 in a hope of welcoming a better year but all hope went down as the real face of the year came in front. But this is not how we wanted our life to go on in 2021.

We need to make a little change in our lives to make our minds positive in this current situation. By small and effective efforts we can overcome the negativity in our minds and make our life and also others move to the brighter side.

Step in meditation

 Meditating is not changing of life or moving on the path of spirituality but it is all about bringing the mind in a calm state so it can focus and full of positive vibes. By meditation, we can focus our minds on a single thing as our brain is never still, it keeps on jumping from one thought to another. There are scientifically proven theories that meditation can change life and one perspective of thinking and judging things.

Spending time with family

In this modern era of evolution, we find deep in ourselves standing far from our family and friends. We always think of spending a weekend with them and brush off all the anxiety and tension, but our plans never work out and we keep on failing.

This pandemic has given us time not to think of money but to hold hands with our loved ones and have some great time without thinking of boss and work deadline. This Pandemic has shown us the mirror of reality and the things we forgot somewhere in the daily run of life to earn only outer pleasures and comforts.

Take a break from social media

In our virtual world, we have moved from reality, we spend most of our precious time on social media keeping aside worldly life, we find it pleasing and get whatever we want. In this crucial time of the covid-19 pandemic, we need to take a break and stay away from social media because there is a lot of negative and disturbing thing being circulated to disturb the harmony and peace in our society.

Fire can be controlled but the fire set on social media cant be controlled easily, it not only disturbs you but makes a great impact on the brain too because we don’t know how things of the past from other places of the world are tampered with and presented in front of you.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” — Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

Give time to the lost passion

We know somewhere deep in ourselves we have left our passion we wanted to follow. Under family pressure or responsibility we have to give up on a lot of our dreams. We lived a lot like what the time and situation wanted you to be but now we need to take a step and bring out the dead desired out. We can do great also being at home, from learning new skills to practicing guitar and instruments and many more.

Covid-19 pandemic can be defeated

Live for others and you will be helped by others in your time of need this is what we need t work on. We need to save ourselves and serve society to overcome the pandemic. This crucial tie will soon be gone and we will think about what good we gave to society and will find a feeling of satisfaction and respect for yourselves in our own eyes.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – 

Winston Churchill

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