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Superstitions that Indians believe


As an Indian we believe many myths or superstitions from black cat crossing the road to eating curd before leaving the house, they even tells us that crow’s shit brings luck for us like seriously. These can be true but is there any logic or a reason behind them?

Here are some commonly believed superstitions that we Indians believe:

  • Black cat is a curse:

Not only Indians but in Egypt too black cats are considered as evil creatures. In India if a black cat crosses your way then it is believed that your tasks for the day will be postponed or get delayed.

  • Shaking legs will make you loose your wealth:

Shanking legs is just a sign of nervousness but in India its is not like that, but believed that when we shake our leg we are making prosperity go away from us.

  • Hanging lemon and chillies:

Most of us hang lemon and chillies at our doorstep or shops or even vehicles. It is believed that it is to done protect our personal places from misfortune as ‘Alakshmi’ sister of goddess Lakshmi is totally opposite of them and this assure that the wealth is not drained as she loves acidic food and can taste it without entering the places.

  • Sweeping floor after sunset can drain wealth:

It is believed that if we sweep after sunset we will drain wealth as the myth says that goddess Lakshmi visits our home after sunset and cleaning will not allow them to visit. But this is done so that in the darkness after sunset will not allow us to see properly and we might loose something precious while sweeping in the evening.

  • Broken mirror brings bad luck:

It is believed that if we keep broken mirror or glass in our house it will bad luck so it is better to dispose off broken mirror things as earlier as possible. But this can be justified as if mirror or glass can be dangerous as one can get hurt from it.

  • Adding one rupee to the total money give as a gift:

If we gift someone money will never give 500 or 1000 instead will add 1 rupee and make it 501 or 1001, this is done because of the believe that the total sum should be in odd number so that will not divide and make a zero as zero is considered as end of anything.


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