TAARAK MEHTA KA OOLTAH CHASHMAH.. a famous comedy show came on television since 2008. It not took away the attention from other serials but also make everyone laugh. Whether kids or old age group people all are big fan of the show. The whole team of the TMKOC are great artist that help everyone in laughing. Laughing and learning things from show is great and that’s the only reason that it is on high peak of most watched show.

The show not only gave different scenarios but is also connected with real life that makes one attached from it. One can watch the show whole day and whole night not getting bored. Watching same episodes number of times and not getting bored of it shows the quality and attachment to show. One can easily pass time through the show. The director of show is Asit Kumar Modi who initiated the show on SAB TV channel and making a good growth with 3200 episodes till now.

All the cast is shown as neighbours living in GOKULDHAM SOCIETY which they also called as Mini India. Different cast have been living together and celebrating all the festivals and parties together. Basic learning goes is that the love and togetherness between neighbours and helping each other without having personal benefits. The show gives a lesson that respect every religion and having a unity to solve problem to celebrating together.

The characters are – 

Everyone’s Favourite Daya – She acts like the most funny character and make everyone laugh with her actions and tone.

Tapu Ke Papa or Jhetalal – Husband of Daya, but having a flirty nature with Babita Ji.

Babita Ji- She is being crush lady of Jhetalal , Jhetalal always tries to impress her.

Iyer- Husband of Babita , always having a rude behaviour towards Jhetalal as he flirts with her wife.

Tarak Mehta- Playing role of writer in show and best friend of Jhetalal.

Champak Lal- Father of Jhetalal, he gives great acting and expression too at times.

Tapu- Son of Jhetalal, he is naughty kid who always annoys everyone in society.

Many more characters are also there who played were amazing role.

The Show Must GO ON!!!


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